Clay J.D. Walker
Weekdays 6am - 10am

John Rich from Big & Rich told me a few years ago that I have too many names for just one person, however, I tend to disagree.  I've been called Clay, JD, PMT, Prime Minister of Twang, ect, but they call me simply Clay JD Walker most of the time, and I hail from the beautiful mountains of West Virginia...a small town called Buckhannon, to be exact.  I was raised on Mama Walker's home cookin', country music and Christian values.  I was bitten by the radio bug at 15, and I never looked back.  I graduated Marshall Univsersity in the spring of 2006, during the filming of "We Are Marshall" (watch closely, and you'll see me as an extra in a few scenes), followed my dreams, working all across West Virginia, until I was blessed in mid 2007 to move to the Triad and start my life howlin'

    I'm just gonna be honest: tons of people have given me a chance, took risks, and gave me the helping hand I needed to make a living doing something that I absolutely love (and couldn't imagine a life without it!), and words cannot explain how blessed and thankful I am knowing that you allow me to spend part of my day with you on the radio.  Thank You.

  There are three things in my life that motivate what I do.  
        1.) My faith and love for God
        2.) My family (Mama and Papa Walker keep me in line)
        3.) My people (this means you!)

If I'm not on The Wolf, you can find me piddlin' around my yard tinkering in the garden, turning a wrench on 'White Lightning' (my old F150), or yelling at the neighborhood children (doing my part to make a better generation, ya know).  If we happen to pass each other on the road, be sure to throw a hand up, ok?

    I really appreciate you listening to Wake Up With The Wolf every day...God Bless

Randall C. Bliss
Weekdays 10am - 3pm

My wife Vicky and I live in High Point, and I’ve been in radio my entire life. Too many years to mention.

Of all the radio stations I’ve ever been involved with, the Wolf is by far my favorite. And it's not just the incredible performers who we get to work with in country music, but the people I get to work with every-day. We get to build relationships with the people who make music in this format, and it is very rewarding to watch Awards shows and see people who have come by the station or performed up on stage in our "Live from the Wolf Den" series.

My wife is a Breast Cancer survivor and she was lifted up many times during her battle by Nashville stars who took the time to meet her or call and ask about her status. I love being on the radio everyday with the Wolf At work show, and I hope you can tune in for some fun.

Gunner Jackson
Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Hey, ya’ll its Gunner Jackson.  Thanks for making 93.1 The Wolf your new home for country music.

Here’s a little peek into my life as a staggeringly diverse DJ.  Things I love, things I hate and things that make no since at all...

I have a PHD from the University of Hard Knocks.  You may frequently see me along I-40 in a black and white jump suit - picking up trash, some call it “work release" - I like to think it’s good for the soul.  The Internet, wow, mail without stamps, amazing! There’s not a whole lot that doesn’t amaze me.  Well, now that you’ve swallowed all of that, here’s a little bit of what I love.  I have great passion for everything to do with the WOLF! Singers I love… Sara Evans, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Phil Vassar, Merle Haggard, and of course, Mr. Cash.


Chris "Tater" Young
Weekdays 7pm - Midnight

Originally from South Boston, VA (home of the comets baby), I am no stranger to 93.1. Even though they locked me out of the building for a few years, I still hung around until they were nice enough to let me back in . . . even if it is after everyone has gone home and all the doors are locked. I love working nights at the Wolf because I get to sneak around the building and super glue RCB’s phone to his desk. I am proud to call myself a former ARMY service member, University of Texas grad, single Dad, and HUGE Chicago Bears fan. I'm a beer and cooking snob, and if you want to get on my good side then talk music, food, sports, beer, or anything pertaining to Gisele Bundchen (except that dude she married).

Oh . . . the other great thing about working at night is that I get to play songs we usually don’t play (‘cause the boss can’t get here in time to stop me). So listen each night for the #taternation Pick of the Night!

Thank you for listening to me each night from 7-midnight. It’s all about the music and having fun baby!


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