Wichita State Coach's Wife Gets Cray During Tournament

Monday, March 20th


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It's spraying in the care I missed it tensions are running during the during the NCAA tournament and particularly among players coaches and coaches' families and coaches wives of these games. Wichita State played Kentucky this weekend they lost it was a close game one closer and really should have been they hung in there. It looked like Nirvana. They won't be able pulling out. Well evidently coach's wife. Wichita State to move coach's wife. Was yelling and screaming and cursing. From the bleachers there. And dad and ask her four times news. And it's considered removing her. From the arena. But they figured now it's blitzed Brian not to do that it's like to give her a little bit extra ram is a head coach is why this is a big deal. So finally when it was over she just. They lost to she goes off. And more of the cursing in the yelling and they had to have them. Iceland escort her wow how it's of the arena area and back to back to a press conference. That she said in Iran. And threw a couple of comments. You know during the press conference there talking about how you know one of the more of their star players there at the end me she thought he got fouled. You know he's trying to make ZE play he had achieved she wasn't happy about any of it. Why is she credible source to go to press conference will she's attending a press conference with her husband she sort of set you know. So she's day care and she's here she can't stop herself from making you know the the peanut gallery comments. And they eat the you know like I say they had a thought four times about removing her from. From there I've never seen happen before where where a coach's wife. Was in was that. Involve in cause that much of a ruckus. Because he didn't know till after the game was over that four times prior to that. They thought about you know Lester we should take her out we should then take your own machine they didn't. And that used to press conference certainly income. Wonder if this job isn't like your typical nine to five godly coaching. And a basketball teams so at where do you draw the line and Howell in ball home to your spouse can be at work. Annually so my husband wouldn't just walked in here and they're talking on Mike. You know you know he's he hears a whole lot about my job all the time where do you draw the line whenever it's an event like. Well that's that's an unusual situation. She there's some pictures governed with and the east it's. Who I would not want to be trapped in the car with her. And it's widgets around the open man she should have been removed about that third time in can she was little out of control.