Odds of Actually Having a Correct Bracket

Thursday, March 16th


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What are the odds your bracket is perfect. Now. We have a bracket that you can go do and maybe win a 55 inch four KTV. So money's gonna win whoever gets closest. On talk about a perfect bracket. Members mentioned that. Using the mascot method which she developed all by herself yes. Torre won a bracket got it all right. Adding hit them all correct it's you win your bracket challenge targeting the most correct. Yet but I thought you said you got to mall to guiding them all correct that's like impossible I. She's changing her story now Powell didn't obscure. The chances of getting the bracket perfect. All the way through to who wins the championship. Is not is one in nine point two quint billion queen Philly and that is the chance that's that actual odds. But that may not be completely accurate because there's some things are even you almost no no we're gonna happen. You know like. The four number one seeds beaten out the Ford number sixteen seeds or whatever it was that's that's probably gonna happen. On the number by the way one in nine point two in two billion is based on you flipping a coin to predict. The winner of every game days of that which basically do and any pure luck yes. Which it is it is purely because literally anything can happen in the game. Who knows what could go crazy you know in a basketball right how many mentoring you and it links that are out that yeah so anything can happen. But I as what did you that's the actual as if you follow basketball. A lot you can be a lot in Europe more educated than a lot of other people are because you know. You know things about the team you know things about individual players you know of a player's been hurt recently eaten you know if you know one of the one of the biggest handicap rumors in the business this is a guy you'd every heard I saw a story him on sixty minutes. He's a professional. Gambler that's all he does. He makes millions of dollars a year and it but he's very scientific when it comes do it. He's got this operation center in his house and he's got people working for. And date they studied the medical situation who's on a medication who has been injured this year how long has it been since they've had the injury. And in a boil it down to what are the chances that they could re injure themselves all the stuff. And that's how he's been so successful so if you're really into it and educated you're a lot better yeah other people there that find anybody yet but if you're just play and for the heck of it won in nine point two Quinn trillion. Short shot yeah Ayers thing and there's a chance. Yeah.