McDonalds Employee Is a Hero

Monday, March 20th


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It's cool he's cool story time this one is that being at the right place at the right time kind of story and the like this ever happened to me I hope that it happening here. A McDonald's employees being called a hero after he jumped through the drive through winter to an assistant unconscious off duty police officer. As her vehicle rolled away. It's just a regular day he was on the job at the drive through and this woman enemy and pulls up with her kids. If she starts struggling to breathe a little bit and her car starts to roll lately jumps through the window in stopped her car. Lucky for her not only did she get probably saved from what could have been a bad accident but there of paramedics inside a restaurant that no missiles on on and they were able. To get outside in revive her. Yeah isn't like super is that before before daylight run. Enersys firefighter in there and he he could see what was going on first and you realize and we have been and so did not write about it he springs to action and I'm just like to get in the drive to be and that's that's awesome just awesome video. Of the lady being able to talk to the boy. After all happening is later in the day. Ray does that mean that like I say there's so many people and a friend of mine who's terrified of having some medical emergency. In a car unfortunate she was to have it there are not on the highway when she's doing seventy miles an hour you know. Right so what we're learning years it it's totally okay to dispirited attracting your local fast replays I did said the bad happening if you're they are all the time. And be better the exact. I don't call rolled to a Kurt thank goodness it was early it was a busy eating thanking IRA. Yeah and oh zone.