Mamaw Says the Red Dress is Trashy

Wednesday, May 17th


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You know Brian Dorian jays in the middle of what has turned into a very sudden. Little serious debate debate over. The color of the dress alike and I like little red dress too I love the little black dress but I like the little red dress too. I'm not a fan of red. An address I don't think I've black is the week a classic. Black dress our own RIQ eight of them I'm not arguing with the virtues of the little black dress and. You're mrs. Claus he did not need to Wear aspects. Did you see the picture that he traditionally it is only jury hears what is wrong Hezbollah is wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that on to say and it doesn't look. You have to go in these sort I don't I don't want it anyway and trashy and the press that he had treasure rigorously drilled in this woman is on the track to get. And does your mom. Other sing okay and another thing that about this picture that you just showed me is that she's breaking one of the rules that my grandmother taught me. You have to choose cleavage or legs you can happen. So it. And you have to choose one or the other you cannot have that are especially in red dress. OK so war and we'll I think you're right there she's violating the role of class in ink. In case people are wondering apparently a new study came out said that bread is now making emailed sexier according to universe here Rochester new yell. Said that wearing red is not actually make you look sexy shows the thing is is iGoogle Brooklyn where went to break literature acts. And what did you expect if I'd look at what they're saying is it doesn't. Make you look sexier just not making red now red the color I don't have any problem with at all like red lipstick red heels as a those are great. However crashing yeah. Ill. I was just telling you eat your interaction unrealistic reveals man would you agree I definitely if you are weary brain tasteful black actors and singers like turns. Among make our our idea and I'm not arguing about what I love the little boy dressed which you're saying that the reds Lauren I was routinely act of great picture because she shows one and she's got she's Jews she chose the cleavage though most of the public. Yeah. Mainly in Atlanta. I guess. It hit listen she's gonna user policy. And I see it. My within his blocking on YouTube gains he had to say it seemed like she gets older. And she goes do things. We hear slash that is that is good yesterday because we're I. I have to make up for being Al yet yesterday so very. And isn't that ranks. And that's what she's that he can't bring up topics like little red dress them and our presence is huge yet diesel and here I am an editor. And moods when then yeah it's. Moon I have I Wear your cart and which I think it's your answers signature yeah a little Fuller she noted that it. It's hard again I think. I thought it changed good 61 step away from the turtleneck right. Obstacle to Jimmie Johnson were later. Hopefully breasts and deliberates a turning men and correct. We Hitler in bad taste is that it master of broadcasting we're speaking in general. Have we threw a really heated moment he was having he forgot what you're talking about it anywhere on the phone with live deletion we were talking about the redness in the. Like this and she. Did you. Did you it you forget what. He can tell you about pulling equipment got no idea what it was even. CE. Agency called an agreed with Corey and gore like thank you you think you know it. A leash law. This. Wait a minute I have no clue about what we're talking about it Malaysia I take the Florida I don't do it it's so it Alicia. If you take the floor put it back yeah and it afterwards and Amazon. But avoided at least it was calling to agree with me via at and justice she said that the black dress is capable and the red dress is attracting a very specific type of attention. I'll tell you yeah. I guess I did I guess I think I liked the black drew some of the black yeah. But I electorate that's two mountain you don't take the red dress home to meet your parents you don't know who yeah he did it. And that's where my life to hardly. Not that important with negotiators who's the real dangerous Gerlach who own mother which would you prefer cleavage and that's. A guy and another thing. You know gosh Graham listens on cleavage there's something wrong when Latin. She still he she's telling you can you can she Nabil wanted to be fit in and beat you he's got a wine thinking whenever the whole major being. That seems to come in and out of fashion. If you're gonna show your midsection you don't need to also show and Berkeley that you like you'd pick pick wine. He Ryo again completely off the rails at Carolina country 931 Dole's Carrie Underwood in toy guns. She's a money can get away spores are concerned with cleavage and legs I'm good with that with her I'm Sherry and be too while you're talking and she can Wear the red dress she once did look there's different meet me at an ad in today's world but let's look back at yesterday we started talking about them do the little black dress first is the little red dress and black dress was classic in the little red Christmas trash. That's correct courted her and he showed me a picture of a little red dress with a little girl a small woman and it. And Euro like what's wrong distress that it would she's break in the cardinal rule. Which is you can't show cleavage in links mammal always say you have to pick and now here is an end to their cleavage lessons with the ball with memo Patrick. Theory here is. And and appoint add. If you're performing on stage now take how every lie if you. IE gauge and a game. You you may show boat where every why if you're performing on to it's okay if you're working with a microphone or a hole that's what threatening a microphone on apple. Might let multiple bright if your report onstage thing year year and costing him and that it didn't. And I again you're on me pictured that breaks the rule she's not old stage this year. And she is lenient begins account and it's just I mean I'm in there and you Cleveland's most like half the brass there ray doesn't see. Tragedy and that there is no other way to describe it.