Key to a Happy Marriage is... In-Laws?

Wednesday, February 15th


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What is it that is the key to happy marriage. Well according to the latest survey done by the University of Michigan they say it's when the guy. Like his in laws. That's one of the big secret he can't force somebody tell I know somebody else you can't but win your value waning. Has been material than you might wanna take note of how he gets along and your parents and all kind of stuff and what. The inner action is like study shows that. A married couples are happier if the guy has a good relationship with his wife's parents it's much less important. For the women to get along with her husband's there's no I don't understand that. Why is that. Iron in my in laws are actually going to be visiting this weekend they're coming out permanently and a est weekend. I hope you've cleaned your bathroom or else he's going Deborah how does that play he has been through in scoring pol collider on the guest bed you'd there clean biggest TV folded in Fenway since that's the problem you know it's who you wash it I'm not pull out the dryer and throw it somewhere but it's the folding in the putting away as far nobody is it time for that. That's you know so it's not as important for me get along with his parents as it is for him get along with nine learning. According to the survey the researchers think it's because an adult woman. Tends to be closer to her parents then Amanda is to his parents so when her husband. Likes them that illuminates a potentially huge source of stress and conflict Newton. And they like it. So that you know that makes sense I guess when you break it down like men so really I don't need to do anything I don't need to worry about clean in my bacterium or get a close up today as. See that's where you're wrong you're doing that can again be a look at your medicine cabinet today when named as. A.