Dying Veteran Just Wants Letters to Read

Wednesday, February 15th


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Corey is cool story time are it's so I'll always have. Big heart for military veterans and my husband's in the navy since this story I it's just that it did tear Jerker for okay. Are so there's a cancer patient active VA medical center in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. He took out a newspaper had not telling any of his friends are mainly to at a newspaper ad asking people to send him letters. He says I'm dying from cancer I just would like them letters to read from people that's what I want. So he could address on their to send them in his niece who of course all the ads in second at at my uncle. Has shared it with hash tag cards for Jamie. And you can sit him I have the address you can see in him letters or cards because this is what he wants he just wants cards from all over the world to read. In his final weeks though that's I'm going to be I'm gonna put his address up there in Saint Cloud, Minnesota city you can send him a letter or card. Is take a couple extra second the everybody has Maynard she despair. And dollar T despair to buy car order write a letter even if it's a postcard from where you live yeah and then Friday advocates he served us and it's it's the least that we can do is say yankees. Yes now people are gonna know about how Long Will be we have that up on the web site that's available whether you get a. On I I should have it up by the end of our show today so I would say in the 9 o'clock hour on 31 of country dot com.