Dr Rob & Caroline Play Newly Wed Game

Tuesday, February 14th


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They'll Ryan Cory doctor rob and Carol line. That's the misses going to play the Newlywed Game we have already got it all set up no I have already asked doctor rob the questions we have Caroline's standing by on the phone to ask heard the same questions and see how they match up. The prize package is full. He'll. It's it's two car washes a bottle of champagne with you glasses massage is from me licensed massage and body work there as. Oil changes and TT gets to seat him and fake it's October Carolina are you ready. Our guys which one of your friends would doctor Robb would say looks best in a bikini. In. That weird question. I would say Eric. Why is that. I mildly. Up. You're totally friend. But yes her answer doesn't match okay. Right next if you could choose one thing known doctor Robb's to get rid of what would it be. Oh my goodness the Integra. Why what's around Indian Debra. And laugh at it you know I am I didn't roller coast and yeah. Well you're right two for two. Now play. Who do you think has the higher I Q when you order doctor raw. Moved. Me. And yeah yeah. Yeah. And it. Oh my god well do you like teller why Erica it would look better in a bikini. Would present the upper chest area. And you always tell me about how much you of those eleven. Kurt how a our rate congratulation guys you just picked up our ultimate lovers give back its U part watches a bottle of champagne. Massages oil changes in ticket to see Cayman faith. And you graduate in May need you. Donovan turn out the.