Does Barbie Dig Ken's New Man Bun?

Wednesday, June 21st


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They'll Bryan Corey and chase are right on I'm a little disturbed by the news of the new Ken doll the hill has a new Ken doll and he seemed to have him. Now if you are gonna did you do did you do barbies when your little. Kinda my experience at Arby's was your typical theory Alley hair off men. So that was why isn't in the surprised. To cut their hero and my mom would say we are getting hampering you at some point that as we really didn't. Fees it is of the that it is or I shouldn't write I see him a woman and the weird is that thing I saw picture of it and it looks so bizarre. Key and now has like that's skin tone is different. And these guys on hand there are several I see there are all treaty and other heavily ethnic black glasses they're all wearing skinny and. If you offered different body types so is it that part of there's a number of there are actually two that have commandments. I will say. They're different height. Via so. According to according to the press release information there is a Ken doll with a bad luck. You think he's he's a superior court. But there's pictures are gonna show people may be like. Corn grows one's got corn rose when he was little he could actually like this I think it says the lineup that I'm seeing like eight or nine dolls. Like they all look very different they are there all clearly millennial violence and neglect him and he didn't get. There and is under Christmas and it didn't yeah. I.