Dale Wages WAR on Gunner

Thursday, February 16th


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On the wolf they'll Bryan Corey and you I got a bone to pick with Conor. Jackson and we've got our afternoon yet. He has been telling people. He has certainly here and he's been telling people that he well bold meat and you. When we handle little bowling thing here awhile back although we had that accompany bowling party and he's. Bin claiming that he out bull now first of all. That I know that I know it's not true. He he did not humble me and your team got some kind of proud that I play my team did yeah. So our present the car was so there's no way that he he didn't win a pretty giddy get a car I ceding to create his arm he was on and he was on a losing teeth. Oh and he's blaming his team's aimed at that's why is he told me before he was a really good bowler. He had his own ball in his happy she gave. If not that he might have a ball on some shoes but I wanted to a's opened. He was in the lane next to me spent a lot of time in the gutter no. Now. This is to do that this is gonna come to something because I'm I'm more this settled. We kids I target here may now be walking them and hear him talk about on the year you're telling people in the building. There's only one way to settle for them like this and we're gonna we're gonna discuss that okay. I want everybody you know if your record if he if you hear him on the air today he's on it three and if you hear him talking about a agreeable Aureus. I need you to go Holland straight Harley. Guys I know what the fact guitar and there's no way he humbled me and mutant. I'm claiming that my team won a trophy because we didn't Mikey came into a place that I am claiming that I've its pier here Boller right so anyway. Watch Gunner in an advocate in the he's been talking about I didn't know about yes we you need to listen today I talk because he's rationing and your name that's come it's not just me each. See you two are so he's trashing your bowling skills to the.