Corie & Mike Play Newly Wed Game

Tuesday, February 14th


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I have already had my on the phone and asked him we're given him. The not so Newlywed Game questions he's on the phone now Mike can hear me. All right and I'm now. I'm going to get hurt the same questions I get a view let's see how they match it works just like the TV show here we go. Answers your questions. First I ask him her first kill us made me think it blight. Omni and mom. Are first can't. Her first kiss made me think blank. Day it was like it was like a movie because it was in an airport he was flying in and I was picking him up so it was like. Really exciting he said it was the right to know. You know what over I need to maybe we need to figure out that the definition of that. Whom it now. Maybe we talk about what the last it's not like. They did it. And should talk about what the last kiss is the only. What's the one trait of yours I asked my yes what's the one trait of Mike's. That annoys you the most now did it easy. He said and only give you want to. Know whether there's one that you bridging the arrest and there might not visiting you back for the last one it's his gas. Dad yeah yeah. He always showed that they are. I can't help rid I have heard of it. If you have. You have like that title that got built up you have to relieve the pressure to Carter's brow. The memories and yes that's exactly what these men and finally. This one I wish chlorine would stop. Blank. Now mind you guys. I would not I wish chlorine would stop. Blank. Probably worrying about things before they're problem I'll worry about things all the time that earned nine EC's. This and I. Spank him. You'd get too deep into it not even that big at all. You are you thinking to be an hour with the every day and you're right. You do do. I did. What is what it is today he said he wish you'd stop poking him in the belly button. It's really you know yeah I didn't all the time I didn't. That's a big deal may resemble a tree. I'll like guys my legs burn during the time money. Yeah. A lot of hair. Yeah. And stuff. OK then.