Are We Close to the Death of Phone Numbers?

Thursday, March 16th


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The exchange phone numbers and so I ask you about getting into too and he exchanged phone numbers. Or you some social media thing. It depends on who it is if it's if it's and then like work related to my email address is at the free end I might give him my phone number. But not usually. 62%. Of teens. Share their social media username to whom the first pieces of information when meeting someone new. Only 13% site phone calls their first choice for communicating with friends. There's a prediction if on the phone number will just eventually just go away you know there was just won't even be the phone number will be used for business. Where you know OK so I can kind of see this and the reason is you know you can call people through FaceBook messenger now you can actually calls someone's phone. With faced a message here. In most people say they stay in touch by liking photos responding directly to someone's into grammar snapped headstone. Emailing them or video chatting with them through FaceBook or Skype. And if someone actually does call you on an actual phone chances are you're not going to pick it up it's. True I. This are true I hate to talk on the phone in fact. Just from yesterday I need I was gonna singular message and I think you a video you instead. It was because it was easier for media conveyed Reno what I was trying to say is an Nvidia and I'd rather do that and then to call you and the reason is. If he calls some wind. And they have to stop immediately and that's in real time where's he's in someone a message your video they can get to it when they are available and can respond when they're available. And Nara and there you go. It says that giving up a phone number the research says that people consider giving out your phone number. Far more intimate than following someone on social media. There's also much easier simply ignore block someone's social me it is to stop them from contacting you. VA your phone Burton has once they have your phone number they can just call whenever they want him and you don't change your phone number people have their phone number they had for years or change it sprang. So it just becomes more difficult stuff that's says sister saying that the phones go into any of the due to. I like this I totally believe that if this what happened with the phone number one goal yes because I don't need it I don't need a phone number. Math my phone. Also just happens to me call the addition to being a computer and not feel about it how about you yeah that's true the phone is not justify know who'll be able. Alarm clock at the flashlight it's a piece of equipment again Swiss army knife he. When he first century what about you six NATO wolf these are you talking would you rather not talk on the phone and all music made a guy that you don't wanna call. But in this case if you wanna call UK and that's an instant way of communicating with a 680 wolf. Analysts though you think about the situation because I know a lot of people who are no annoyed. By the constant texting I sit gonna texting and texting and you know I hear this quite a bit especially. For you and not so much from from your Mike my kids text all the time. Or they snatch yet not yet his. It say though wolf what do you think.