Wednesday, July 5th


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Doing good up with a wolf it is vacation season is in full swing I'll. Offer sun where the others were at work. If you're planning on vacation and there's plenty of time left before schools are to get a vacation and there's a list of the things you need to do before you leave. You traveled some money was just totally always looking for something and always just seemed completely disk and bond related at all times where's the where's my. Oh my gosh was on wall again or was it again. Heroine yeah they get into the airport the last minute a you know. That's what vacationing with mine theme Lee was like my whole childhood. And young adulthood. My parents are like that they don't play in for anything they go last minute they pack at the last minute they decide maybe they gave awful work organ goes somewhere. True story of my parents are not good at communicating with each other in terms of like wind we take vacation and all that has us at. I can remember as a Cade. Deciding. Our we're gonna leave for the beach tomorrow morning. And this is like in in the afternoon did we would know REY guess that need to pack right play there had to be an exciting feeling well that's probably has time widen it it was really exciting is akin to date Indian dollar house like me and you guys can get it together so now I've got my husband crazy with per. Airing nine taking you know it's funny as it is she did something minute against you is like. All bodily system is adding indecent Merom when he did to her. And it is always put this down now from under callon no well the experts say if you following before. Before. He leaned on the condition. Clean up. Yeah there's nothing better than coming home to clean house. And I guarantee you would you start this process. Here has been schooling would you do it. We leave a week for now early and we got to go wrangling what do you do with the what's what's with the deeply what's struck you also is ten mean this is crazy. Sometimes I think morbid thoughts like oh what if something happens to be while on vacation and somebody has to com to my home. I needed to be. We. No the American Idol that I live in something. Like me feel sorry that she's gone she did fickle and here okay all right there's plenty direction stimulant that was putting things you probably. Should not be your mouse if somebody's gonna commit and be sure you linking Edwards will and yes I'll always. Soon appear out of all this message to be we're not going to be there at. Double check all your reservation to make sure. And gets checked to make sure you're good to go if you leave the country make sure you got a passport rank nature it's not expired because what happens is those things are good for several years I'm gonna go. Pray do not when he gets there and most sorry. And you were passport expired three days which aren't they taking care of that little me license well that is not the same as your passport it's. Additional things you need in 20/20. Starting in 20/20 belief you are required to have the news driver's license and has a little star on it. In order to fly get on trains all kind of stuff so even if you if your license doesn't expire 22025. Or whatever. You're gonna have to go and get a replacement likes before the twenty wonder how much more than adults are costs. And features her fees for driver's license North Carolina is forty dollars might cost an even notepad. Forty dollars it's good for eight years. But in order to get the stall. You have to have additional forms of identification. Including your passport. Wouldn't eat my passport is expired that they would. And it's not valid they won't take it. You have to ask them what's for a valid identification you have to present in order to get the star your license so that you can travel and telling you it 20/20 if you don't have that started driver's license he can't get on the plane you can't get on the turn. Yeah and given the fact like my CDO. Hole that's why eight more expensive but in effect that's having recently process. I think that if you get to hi guys so anyway we'll be aware that documentation is changing you have to have the driver's license to star on it. By 20/20. And make sure you got all your stuff together in one place not in this bank and that bag. Like I say constantly looking for something just constantly searching well aware that we're about I don't know what's in his back here cordless house. This yet I'm a big advocate of everything that you're going to be packing. You lay it out on your bed you put them in quadrant and that Powell had to say. Like he. What. I'm not the only person that pact that late night Larry Orton I. You exactly clients guys used to protect yourself immigrants naming Bloomberg analysts are doing Nancy pack my stuff that pack emperor for three people yeah that everybody get the squadron and then you also had like health and beauty section. Really that is like. Medication and she looked assume you should ever try chili and meat he will be no need in clean orderly. Had been held in beauty bag. And LTD today I don't have health and beauty bag. Lambert praising the color color coded it's leopard print and you do is still coaching and still noted in India okay. Time to make sure it's altogether charge all your devices and a fully Charlie all your iPad tablet whatever your take it makes you are all charged up. And finally make a list of all the stuff you need to do when you get back. Yeah. Yeah. Put up put a thing of all the personal stuff he'd do in the works viewed via we get back she hit the ground running when you know mama now. Colored pins to putt good and do. Lists for immediate yeah. Doesn't Clinton wouldn't it.