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Richard Petty

Countdown To Daytona: Who's The Greatest Driver of All Time?

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ACM Awards: Who do you think will win?

The ACM Awards are this weekend ...and we at The Wolf are super pumped to see who's going to take home the fan-picked ACM Awards this year! Who do you think will win? Vote now, and get entered to win a Wolf prize pack! /**/
Contest Date Range: Saturday, Apr 29th 2017 5:16am - end date to be announced.

We figured it out! What should you get your boo for VDay?!

You never wanna come up short on Valentine's Day - so we put this simple test together to see what would be the perfect gift for your boo...check it out and see! /**/
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Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood at the Grammy's

They rocked the Grammy's, but do you really know 'em?

Their Grammy performance was incredible , and to the untrained eye, it might have seemed that Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are new friends, but they really have a lot in common! How well do you know the two superstars? Take my quiz and see for yourself... /**/
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Think WARM: What's your perfect vacation?

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Locals Only Quiz: How Well Do You Know Greensboro

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Country Music

Snow Day Quiz: Know Your 90's One Hit Country Wonders

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Which Season Are You?

I'm a mountain man. I love cold weather, snow, gray days and the smell of fresh vegitable soup on the stove after a long day's work. However, we live in the south. It gets really cold about three days out of the year. But if you've been watching the news, they're actually calling for a bit of snow...
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Can you guess the calorie count?

So are you planning to lose weight in 2017? I'm suprised to see how many food that seem healthy really have more calories than others! It's crazy, but true - take this quiz and see if you really know what's healthy to eat in the new year! /**/
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QUIZ: Are you feeling the holiday stress?

We get it, the holidays are super stressful , no matter how many times we tell ourselves that we'll not cook so much, buy so many gifts, or invite people over. However, the holiday season never ends without some sort of pressure...are you feeling it? Take our quiz and see! /**/
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