Facebook Live Murder - Should We Ban Live Streaming for Non-Media?

April 18, 2017

You've probably heard the news about the guy from Cleveland who went on a shooting spree yesterday and even captured one murder on Facebook Live. This is a terribly disturbing thing that now we fear may inspire copy-cat videos. So, this begs the question - should Facebook be held accountable for what's streamed live? There doesn't seem to be any real clear rules for what you can do... and even if there are, once it's out there...it's OUT THERE until it's flagged.

We've seen a massive increase in news coverage via Facebook Live and you know the thought has crossed your mind, "what if something terrible happens... will I just SEE it?"

Is this where we are now as a society? Should we place harsher limitations on what is available to stream? Should we get rid of live streaming that isn't restricted for children?

The Wake Up With the Wolf Crew discussed it this morning!

FB Live Murder, Should We Ban Live Streaming From Non-Media