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Are We Close to the Death of Phone Numbers?

March 16, 2017

You use your phone for a LOT of things other than it's original intent. Dale said it best when he referred to modern day phones as the Swiss Army Knife of the times. It's a handy device that is a full computer, with an alarm clock, a flash light, a timer, a calendar, a camera, a video camera... that just happens to also make and accept phone calls.

We like to throw shade at "kids today" saying that they don't know how to communicate any other way then texting, but are we any better as adults? When you want to send a personal message to someone who you haven't been in contact with in a long time, do you pull out the phone book, look up their number and give them a ring? No, you hop on Facebook, search for them and shoot them a private message.. or worse, you comment on the latest pic they've posted on their walls. With texting, social media messaging and facetime so easy to connect with your friends, and email being the primary method of contact at work, do you even use your phone for calls? 

We discussed it this morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show where I realized that the ONLY time I talk on the phone is during my commute to and from work... simply because I try not to text and drive and I get bored!

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Are We Close to the Death of Phone Numbers?