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Sean Hannity Now Accused ot Sexual Harassment Too?

Recently Bill O'Reilly was all over headlines having "parted ways" with Fox News after a string of Sexual Harassment allegations. Now it appears that Sean Hannity is following in his foot steps. Debbie Schlusse says that Sean Hannity propositioned her and invited her back to his hotel room. Not a... Read More

Dale's Promposal Weekend

It's that time again... formal dresses, tuxedos with matching vests, limos and PROMPOSALS! One of the most ridiculous growing trends for high schoolers, the Prom-Posal is no stranger to the Wolf's Dale O'Brian. This past weekend, he visited his kids in Kentucky and his oldest son, a junior in HS,... Read More

You Ain't Cool Unless You Pee Your Pants

Dad of the year here! 6 year old girl had an accident at school and this Dad refused to let he stand alone, so he "wet" his pants and stood by her! — Lucinda Sowards (@LucindaSowards) April 19, 2017 Anyone remember this scene in Billy Madison? Video of Billy Pees His Pants... Read More

1st Women to Run Boston Marathon Does it Again 50 Yrs Later

Believe it or not, people used to believe that women weren't capable of running a marathon and were actually forbid from competing in the Boston Marathon. That was, until Katherine Switzer entered under the name "K.V. Switzer" in 1967 and became the first women to ever run in this world famous... Read More

Would You Rather: 4 Day Week or Flex Schedule?

A recent survey asked people would they rather have a 4 day work week or a flexible start/end time in their job. We were surprised to learn that majority of the people said they'd prefer flexible schedules over a 3 day weekend, mainly due to kids and family schedules! What would you prefer? Read More

Facebook Live Murder - Should We Ban Live Streaming for Non-Media?

You've probably heard the news about the guy from Cleveland who went on a shooting spree yesterday and even captured one murder on Facebook Live. This is a terribly disturbing thing that now we fear may inspire copy-cat videos. So, this begs the question - should Facebook be held accountable for... Read More

Jet Packs Coming to a Store Near You

Jet Packs are finally coming to a store near you, late summer for only $250K! They apparently will go around 60mph for about 10 min. Listen to the Wake Up With the Wolf Show ponder all the possibilities... and dangers of such a tool below! Read More

United Kicks MORE People Off Plane

United has been in some hot water lately with the story from last week about forcibly removing a doctor from a flight. One would assume that they'd play it cool for a while in hopes that the story would die... however United seems to be taking a different approach. Perhaps, this time though, it's... Read More

Man Dedicates Song to Try to Get Wifde To Come Home

From time to time we get calls with song requests - but this morning we got a very special request from a man who admitted that he "messed up and didn't come home". His Lady said "She's Done!"... so he reached out to The Wolf for help! Listen to his story below! Read More

Who's Having the Worse PR Nightmare This Week?

There seems to be a three way tie so far for who's having the Worst PR Nightmare this week in the news! In case you've been living under a rock this past week, allow for me to catch you up on what's got our jaws dropping currently. First, United Airlines forcibly removed a Doctor from a flight all... Read More