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There are lots of things that happen when you bring a new baby home for the first time. It isn't until a few months into the new adventure that you begin to realize that it's not just about your life changing as much as it is about you pre-baby life is GONE! A new study revealed what parents miss... Read More

Does Barbie Dig Ken's New Man Bun?

Mattel has lunched a new and improved Ken Doll, that apparently represents the modern male. The new line represents a " pan racial" selection as well as a beer gut and modern male hairstyles. What do you think? We know everyone loves a great Dad Bod... but, can Ken rock the MAN BUN ? Introducing... Read More

Ever Heard of a Buckle Bunny?

Dale did one of his World Famous Dramatic Readings this morning! He chose Little Miss Honkey Tonk by Brooks & Dunn... which got us stuck on some lyrics you may have not ever understood. "Yeah, she's a slick nickel she's right on the money I wouldn't give her up for a thousand buckle bunnies I'm... Read More

132 Year Old Lobster Set Free

One lucky lobster from Long Island, NY doesn't know just how close he came to the dinner table on Father's Day Weekend! Louie the Lobster is has been living in a tank at Peter's Clam Bar in Long Island for 20 years, but he's much older than that. He's said to be 132 years old and weighs in at 22... Read More

Ultimate Father's Day Playlist

Father's Day is here and the day wouldn't be complete without the Ultimate Father's Day Playlist from the Wolf! 1. It Won't Be Like This For Long - Darius Rucker Video of Darius Rucker - It Won't Be Like This For Long 2. He Didn't Have To Be - Brad Paisley Video of Brad Paisley - He Didn... Read More

Greatest Food Debates Ripping Families Spart at the Dinner Table

Apparently these are the 5 greatest food argments ripping families apart right at the dinner table! Mayo- is it an actual condiment or just a topping? Should pizza be eaten with your hands or can you fork & knife it? Should ketchup be used on eggs? Soft shell or hard shell tacos? Can Mac &... Read More

Top 10 Inventions of All Time

What are the top 10 inventions of all time? You're probably thinking something like FIRE, right? Nope... A new survey came up with the 10 greatest inventions and we failed miserably at guessing them! 10. The Tea Bag - Happened in 1908 by mistake. Listen to the audio clip below for the hilarious... Read More