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New Country VS. Old Country

One thing I have notcied after being in this business, and any business to be honest with you, for a while is that there will ALWAYS be someone who dissagrees with you. Coworker, friend or even family member are just a few. But given the fact we in the radio business have more exposure as to what... Read More
Broken Heart

3 Things Single People Hate to Hear on V-Day

It's that time of year again... single people unite as we approach their most hated day of the year. What some call a "Hallmark Holiday", Valentine's Day is on the way. A new survey said that 65% of single people agree that these are the TOP 3 things they will inevitably hear this Valentine's day,... Read More
Happy Kid in Snow

10 Winter Life Hacks

Outsmart the colder weather this year... or at least impress your friends and co-workers with your smarts! You're Welcome! Video of 10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks Read More
Santa School

Ivy League Santa

We all know that Santa can't possibly be in every mall and store for appearances in the weeks leading up to Christmas - he's busy at the North Pole preparing for Christmas Eve! So where do all these Official Santa Helpers come from? You might be surprised to learn that there's a good chance they... Read More