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NAKED!!! Brad Paisley poses nude...lmbo.

Brad Paisley DARRYL WORLEY and KEITH URBAN have already shown their stuff in "Playgirl" magazine.  But if you're hoping to see BRAD PAISLEY doing it, well, don't hold your breath. Brad says, "I've actually turned that down.  They've asked a few times, and no.  They can forget it.  Trust me.  No way. Not in a million years."  And yet, we did manage to find a nude photo of Brad, taken from his Twitter page earlier this month.   The caption said "What can I say...I was young and I needed the money!".

10/30/2009 2:24AM
NAKED!!! Brad Paisley poses nude...lmbo.
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10/30/2009 4:54AM
awwwww. this is too cute. I was listening this morning and i beleived it to be him, as he is now. hahaha.
03/03/2010 8:46AM
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